PREMIERE | Small and Elusive: At the Other Side of the Forest

22 Nov 2019

Hello! The new posters from Small and Elusive: At the Other Side of the Forest has just been revealed! The series continue with a new arc where we'll find about the past of Luna and revelations about the characters, Luna and Mary. We'll go along three chapters with four pages each that open a new future plot in the series, so the adventure begins!


This arc also opens as the official new English title for Pequeñas y Escurridizas, part of the translation project from Spanish that will arrive at some point to all other projects from the Diegatus Studios. Yay! (Thanks to Javier Sanz for being the Diegatus Studios translator!)


This new three chapters from the series: FireSomething New and The Natural Spark will premiere next December 9, 11 and 13 respectively here at the web and at all our social media, but if you're a Diegatus Studios' Patron, every chapter will be available at Patreon starting december 2. Join up now!


I'm so excited to release this finished project! See you in the next drawing!


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Diegatus Studios, 2019
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